Apr 5, 2012

Club sandwich

Makes 4 sandwiches
You need- Thin slices of one cucumber (with peel), paneer (cottage cheese- 50 gms) and twelve slices of brown or multigrain bread.
For filling- take  1/2 cup each of finely chopped capsicum, cabbage and carrot. Add half a cup of mayonnaise or Russian salad dressing, 1 tspn pepper, salt to taste and mix well.
Roast three slices of bread on toaster or skillet (for one sandwich) and apply butter on one side.Remove the edges.
Take one bread put a layer of paneer slices on buttered side. Top it with second layer of cucumber slices. Place another slice of bread over it with buttered side  down. Put a layer of veggie filling over this and cover it with the third slice of bread (buttered side down) and serve with ketchup.

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