Nov 7, 2009

Tangy Pasta

Things required:

Pasta Fusilli: 1 cup
Pasta Farfalle: 1 cup
Capsicum chopped ; 1 cup
Onion Chopped: 1 cup
Tomato chopped: 1 cup
Pepper: ½ tspn
Oregano: ½ tspn
Pizza pasta sauce/ tomato puree: 2 tbspn
Mayonnaise: 1 tbspn
Ginger garlic paste: 1 tsp
Salt: to taste
Oil: 3 tbspn


Boil 1 ½ lts of water, add pasta and boil on slow flame till cooked. Strain and wash with cold water. Heat oil, add ginger garlic paste, fry for 1 minute. Add onion and cook till golden brown, add capsicum, cook for two minutes. Add tomato and cook for 5 minutes stirring in between. Add pizza pasta sauce, mayonnaise, boiled pasta and salt. Add pepper, oregano, mix well and serve hot.

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