Nov 8, 2011

Fried baby potatoes

I wanted to use the leftover marinade as I personally do not prefer wasting anything. This idea came to my mind and I attempted this turned out awesome.
I took around 400gms baby potatoes, washed them clean to remove all the coated mud. Then I boiled them in salted water in pressure cooker. (I also trued using baby corn, capsicum, mushroom along with boiled veggies, they turned out good. just microwave the these veggies for a minute before throwing them in pan with fried potatoes.)
I chopped the boiled potatoes into half longitudinally, and deep fried them in 5-6 tbspn vegetable oil over high flame (2-3 turns) till they are crispy brown. Potatoes absorb very little oil when fried in very hot oil. I didnt peel the potatoes.
To fry  I took very little oil-1 tspn, heated it, added the fried potatoes, pepper (2 tspn), 1 tspn (chat masala), 1 tspn black salt and tossed the potatoes to mix the masala. I then added around 1 cup of left over marinade on high flame and tossed the potatoes to coat them with marinade. The potatoes tasted yum when hot.

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