Jan 22, 2015

Ginger Chutney (Allum Pacchadi): Andhra style

Ginger Chutney (Allum Pacchadi): courtesy my friend Nameeta Reddy
Ingredients: (all approximate)
Ginger – peeled, washed and sliced
Tamarind – de-seeded, cleaned and soaked
Jaggery, Jeera, coriander seeds, dry Red chilies (Qty as in pic below), Salt to taste
Oil – 1 Tb spoon for roasting, 3-4 Tb spoons for seasoning - While seasoning a little more oil will help preserve the chutney

Salt to taste, Heeng, mustard seeds


1. Dry roast the red chilies for for abt 2-3 mins, add a spoon of Oil, lower the heat and add Ginger. Stir in between and roast for abt 4-5 mins. Some thin slices of Ginger my turn brown on edges. Add the coriander seeds, jeera & curry leave and stir for another 3-4 mins on low heat. Switch off the heat and let the roasted mixture cool.
2. Grind the roasted mix + tamarind pulp + jaggery into a fine paste. The strong smell & taste of ginger should be balanced by jeera, coriander and should have a balance of sour, sweetness and hot.

Seasoning: Heat 4 Tb spoons of oil in a pan to a medium level. Add mustard and heeng. Add the Paste to it and stir to fold in the oil. Lower the heat and cook the chutney until water is evaporated. Cool and store in a bottle. Keep in fridge and it will last for more than a month.
Enjoy it with Vada, Dosa, Idli, Paratha , Rice (with ghee) and sandwich. 

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