Jan 22, 2015

Green Daal Dosa (Pesarattu) – Traditional Andhra Dosa

I have to thank my friend Nameeta for taking pains and sharing few recipes which I will post today. Nameeta is married in a Telugu family and brings to us authentic Telugu recipes.

A month ago I was in Hyderabad, and I was awed by Beerakaya pachdi- a chutney made from ridge gourd/turai. I could never imagine something made of turai can taste so good-I anyways have a great liking for chutneys. I have asked Nami to share its recipe also. I will share that , but here is Pesarattu, I never knew one needs to add rice powder in pesarattu and I presume that makes it different from Moong Daal cheela which I have earlier shared on  my blog. Now I will try this...

You need-
Green Moong Daal (whole or broken) – 1 Cup
Raw Rice – 1 handful,
¼ inch raw ginger, peeled
¼ raw onion (if a small onion then ½)
Green Chillies – 2 (optional), salt to taste, oil (to be used while making the dosa)
Non Stick flat pan - for making the dosa.

  • Wash the daal and rice and soak for 3-4 hrs (best if done overnight).
  • Grind finely the soaked daal & rice along with Ginger, onion, green chilli and salt (as per taste) using either a blender or Mixer (Indian Mixer)
  • Stir the mixture once ground to make it consistent. Add water in case the batter is too thick.
  •  Heat the flat non stick pan on medium heat. Add a few drops of oil, using kitchen towel to spread the oil on the pan to spread the oil evenly.
  • Pour 2 ladles of the ground batter and spread it like a crepe. Cook on medium heat only after a couple of minutes. Use a non stick or wooden spatula and try to turn the dosa (like turning an omlette). Once cooked fold in middle and serve with Coconut or Peanut Chutney.
  • Grated carrot garnishing on top of pesarattu tastes good. 

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