Oct 15, 2010

Sama ke chawal (Mordhan) ki khichdi

I am jotting down another recipe for vrat/fast. Sama ke chawal or mordhan are white round grains, I was told by mom that they are seeds of some grass. Cooked like upma with potatoes and peanuts, this recipe is very light to eat, as compared to sago/sabudana.

Sama ke chawal: 1 cup
Peanuts (roasted, peeled and coarsely crushed): 1/3 cup
green chilly: 1 chopped
potato (chopped): 1 medium sized
tomato (chopped): 1 medium sized
grated ginger: 1 tspn
curry leaves: 8-10
Cumin seeds (Jeera): 1/2 tspn
garam masala: 1/2 tspn
Fresh coriander chopped: 1/4 cup
Oil 2 tbspn

1.     Roast sama ke chawal for 3-4 mins on low heat in a thick bottomed pan. 
2.     Heat oil in thick bottomed pan.
3.     Add Cumin seeds, green chillies, curry leaves and ginger. Saute for half a minute, add potatoes and cook uncovered till they are crispy golden brown. Add tomatoes and cook for 2-3 minutes.
4.     Add sama ke chawal, mix well. Add two cups hot water, mix and cook covered on low heat for 5-7 minutes.
5.     Open, add peanuts, garam masala, half of chopped coriander  and mix well. Cook covered for 2-3 minutes till all water is absorbed.
6.     Garnish it with chopped coriander, can add lemon juice and serve hot with green chutney and curd.
(You can also add other vegetables like chopped beans, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage and capsicum)


  1. Fantastic recipe. I tried it without tomato(we do not take tomato in upwaas)....and it is even better!!!!!

  2. Good to know that it worked well...

  3. Deepali, even kheer of sama ka chawal also tastes awesome. After roasting, boil with milk. and make same as normal chawal ki kheer.

  4. Thanks Divya...need to try the kheer also then...

  5. its very good, i tried in my ekadasi fasting days.

  6. Ayesha, Thanks for sharing your experience...you can try the mordhan fried mini idly next time..

  7. One of the fantastic mordhan k khichari , i have eaten. Thanks!

    1. Mordhan rice kaha milegi ? mai ise kaise pahchanungi? Aur mordhan rice ko hindi me kya kahte hai? Please jald se jald batayen. I am waiting.

    2. Thanks. Mordahan or sama ke chawal is what is called in Hindi and you can get it in any grocery store.

  8. I love this Chawal Ki Kheer recipe. Chawal Ki Kheer are my favorite

    and I love to try different Chawal Ki Kheer. This Chawal Ki Kheer is

    refreshingly new. I am going to try this.Can't wait to try

    it.thank you for shearing your post. Regards, Chawal Ki Kheer

  9. Nice recipe..easy to cook..thanks

  10. U didnt mentioned nutrional value for ths. please provide whole nutritional values as calories/protein/carbs/fats/micronutrients.