Aug 19, 2009

Healthy Appe

This is a quick healthy snack that my daughter loves for tiffin.
Healthy Appe for breakfast, tiffin.
Things required:
Coarse Soozi (rawa) : 2 cups
Curd: 3/4 cup
Eno: 1/2 tspn
finely chopped vegetables mixed (caulifower, carrot, capsicum, cabbage) : 1 cup (I prefer to use a chopper for fine chopping)
ginger: 1/2 " finely chopped or grated
green chilly: 1 (finely chopped)(optional)
onion: 1/2 cup
pepper powder: 1/2 tspn
salt: to taste

Procedure: Roast rawa in thick pan (kadhai) little bit. Take care not to roast it on high flame, or for long. Add curd, vegetables, green chilly, ginger, onion while rawa is hot. Mix all the ingredients well and add warm water to make a paste. Keep it for five minutes. Meanwhile coat a layer of oil on each cup of appe patram (an iron vessel with cups, non-stick appe patrams are also available in market). Heat the patram.
In the batter, rawa may absorb water, so a little more water may be needed. Add water till you get a thick pouring consistency.Add eno to the batter. Put little oil (1-2 drops) on each cup of patram increase the flame, when oil is little hot add little sarson (rai), wait till it splutters. Reduce the flame and put paste in each cup. Cover the patram and let it cook for 3 minutes or till it is cooked crispy brown at the bottom. Open the cover and turn the cakes upside down. Cover and cook for further 1 minute .
Remove the cakes from patram and serve hot with chutney.
Tip: While using iron patram, it is advised to (anneal the vessel) i.e. heat the patra and let it cool. Then layer the cups with oil and use. This ensures that the cakes donot stick to the bottom of the patra.
Alteration: A variation of the dish can be made by using dosa batter in place of rawa and eno. 25% rawa can be added to dosa batter to make the cakes more fluffy.


  1. a variation of this - with the idly batter too :)

  2. yes Paddy, appes with idly batter also turn out well. Try to add some semolina to idly batter and then make appe. They are better.