Aug 25, 2009


This is a simple and easy pudding that tastes yummy. Its my daughters favourite.

Things required

Vanilla custard: 2 tbspn ( I prefer Weikfield)

Milk: 1/2 ltr.

Sugar: 3 tb spn

Fruits: chopped finely (apple, grapes(slit half), pomgranate, banana): 1 cup

Strawberry sauce

Fruit cake slices: 250 grams


Custard preparation: Heat milk, take out 1/2 cup milk when luke warm. Mix custard powder in this milk. Boil rest of the milk with sugar. Add the custard milk slowly in this boiling milk while stirring continously. Cook for 1 min on slow flame, stirring contnously till it becomes smooth. Let it cool. Add fruits and mix well.

Setting the pudding: take a slightly deep bowl. Place a layer of cake at the botton. Pour a layer of custard over this.
Place another layer of cake and pour remaining custard. Garnish it with strawberry sauce, you can make a chequered pattern.
Keep it in refreigerator for 2 hours. Serve in pudding bowls, take care to take the scoop from the bottom so that all the four layers come.
Can also serve 2-3 cubes of strawberry jelly set in ice trays with pudding. Kids just love this combination.

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