Aug 23, 2009

Wheat flour Halwa

Things required:
Wheat flour: 1 cup
Pure ghee: 1 cup
sugar: 1 cup
warm water : 2 cups
cardamom: 2 pieces (peeled and powdered)
dry coconut grated (for garnishing)
cahewnut: 5-6, broken half
almonds: 4 pieces (cut into small pieces)
Raisins: 10-15
Melt ghee in a kadhai, add flour and then roast flour in ghee on slow flame till it turns brown. Roasting should be done on slow flame with continous stirring. Increase the flame high, add water and then sugar and stirr continously so that no lumps are formed. Reduce the flame and cook covered for 2-3 minutes. Add cardamom powder, raisins mix well. Transfer in serving dish and garnish with coconut, cashew nuts and almonds and serve.

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