Sep 9, 2009

Malwi Kadhi

Things required:
Besan: 1 cup,
curd: 1 tbspn
ajwain: 1/2 tspn
Haldi (turmeric): 1/4 tspn
salt to taste

Thick curd: 500 ml
Besan (gram flour): 3 heaped tspn
methi dana (fenugreek seeds): 14-15
rai (mustard): 1 tspn
coriander powder: 2 tspn
haldi: 1 tspn
garam masala: 1/2 tspn
salt as per taste
green chilly: 2 chopped
curry leaves: 8-10
sugar: 2 tspn
heeng: 1 pinch
Cooking Oil: 3 tbspn

Mix all ingredients of pakodas and add enough water to make a thick paste. Heat oil, add 1 tbspn hot oil to this batter and  make round pakodas.
Beat curd, mix besan in it so that no lumps are formed. Add 750 ml to 1 ltr water depending on the thickness of kadhi you prefer.

Heat oil, add rai till it splutters, add methi dana, green chilly, curry leaves in same order. Add haldi and coriander powder. Add the curd and besan mix with continous stirring on high flame. Keep stirrring continuously till one boil else the curd will split. Add salt and let the kadhi boil for 15 minutes on medium flame, stirring in between. Add sugar and mix it. Add garam masala, pakodas and remove from fire. Serve hot with rice.

Additional tempering ( tadka) can be done to add more taste and flavour.

Tadka (Tempering):

Things required- 1 tbspn oil , 1/2 tspn rai, 4-5 curry leaves, fresh green coriander and 1 tspn red chilly powder.

Heat oil in a small tadka pan, add rai curry leaves. Remove from fire add some green coriander and then red chilly powder. Adding some green coriander reduces the temperature of oil so that red chilly doesn't burn. Pour this tadka on top of kadhi and serve.

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