Mar 19, 2011

Chat ke chhole

Chaat needs no introduction in India; its hot, sweet and spicy(chatpata) recipe from North of India. Chaat includes many items and this is one among them, can be used with alu tikki (potato cutlets), mathri or hotdog.

To make chhole you need:
1 cup: Kabuli chane (white chickpeas)
Imli/ tamarind paste: 2-3 tb spn
Jaggery (gur): 1" ball
Cumin seeds (zeera): 1 tspn
Dry coriander powder (dhania powder): 2 tspn
red chilly (lal mirch) powder: 1 tspn
Roasted cumin seed powder (bhuna zeera powder): 1 tspn
Black salt (kala namak): 2 tspn
black pepper powder (kali mirch powder): 1 tspn
Chhole masala: 2 tb spn
salt to taste
oil: 2 tbspn
Green coriander (hara dhania) chooped: 1/2 cup for garnishing

Soak chane overnight or  for 6-8 hrs. Cookwith 4-5 cups of water in pressure cooker for 4 whistles on high heat and  10 minutes on low heat. The chane should be cooked but not meshed. Take out half a cup and mesh them.
Heat oil, add zeera to crackle. Add dhania powder and saute for some time, add the boiled chane with water. Make a well in the centre using a steel mug, water will collect in the centre. Add Imli paste, gur, bhuna zeera powder, kala namak, kali mirch powder, salt, red chilly powder, chhole masala. Add the meshed chole also. Mix well. Let the chane cook on low flame for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. (If required add more water to get the desired consistency).
Serve it with alu tikki, or Alu tikki hotdog (picture).


  1. Maam, just a suggestion that I got year ago from my cousin. While pressure cooking Chana, add 2 handfuls of pre-soaked Chana daal. This daal will more or less dissolve while the chana gets cooked. So no nead to mash the chana at all. the gravy will be thicked with cooked daal - nameeta

  2. Thanks Nameeta.....good suggestion....