Mar 12, 2011

Moong Dal cheela

I am putting up a healthy recipe for morning breakfast shared by my friend Rachna. I tried it sometime back and it turned out fantastic. Missed taking a picture. It is similar to pesserettu made in Andhra Pradesh.
You need: 
Chilka Moong daal (2 cups)
Garlic ( 5-6 cloves)
Onion (medium size - half)
Ginger (a small chunk)
green chillies (3-4)
besan- half a cup
salt,red pepper
Soak Moong dal overnight or for 4-5 hours.


  • Blend Moong dal, onion (chopped) ,garlic,chillies,ginger in a blender
  • When ready to make, take this mixture and add besan to it,
  • Add salt, red pepper according to taste (since green chillies are already added)
  • Spread on the skillet/tavaa like a dosa and turn sides when cooked.
  • Enjoy with green corainder chutney or pickle.
You can garnish each cheela with grated paneer (cottage cheese) or a mixture of grated orange carrot, ginger, salt and garam masala.  I used paneer and it really worked out, and my friend once served us with the carrot topping which was something different and very tasty.

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  1. Deepali,
    Glad to know that it came out good. Enjoy!